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History Interview Assignment





History Interview Assignment

  • This historical interview project is on John Brown and reveals why he defended his 1859 raid. The interviewer was Mr. Vallandigham, a member of the congress from Ohio.
  • The abolitionist John Brown, a white American was born in Torrington, Connecticut, in 1800. John brown was marred to Deante Lusk and was a father of seven. Captain Brown was an anti-slavery activist who used corporal punishment and forces to right the wrongs. He moved to Kansas to address his dissatisfaction with the introduction of slavery and abolition of the free-state. During that time, his religious upbringing found slavery as an immoral, sinful and punishable practice.
  • In his interview, captain brown discussed the raid he and his sympathizers conducted in Harpers Ferry to disarm the troops and free the slaves captured. He even discussed several sporadic attacks he made on the pro-slavery settlements. He talked about force in the fight for freedom. Captain Brown asserts that bloodshed was necessary in any war. Civilian casualties, injuries and destruction are resulting in the offing in any form of war. His argument relates to Chapter 7 in the voices of freedom that talked about slavery and the road to disunion.
  • In 1850, Brown was convinced God chose him on the quest on moral pursuit. By 1857, captain brown made several attacks on proslavery settlements as a way to topple the influx of slave trade in Kansas. The shocking imagery given was on the attack of five men. Brown and his sons crushed their skulls and chopped off their limbs. Soon after the raid, brown and his gang made another plot to attack Harpers Ferry. His plans were to strike a legion of highly trained men, guarding an arsenal and slaves. He was successful but only for a moment.

From the interview, brown claims that his conscience instincts, his moral upbringing and his call from God prompted his desire to fight for the rights of the slaves. He was neither forced, nor motivated by other interested parties. His only quest was to free the slaves and fight for their rights. His eighteen member battalion had a similar goal, not supported by their selfish desires. In the interview, John Brown did not regret his actions as he still justified them as right. He, therefore, considers himself as an instrument of providence, justifying his acts according to the principle of the ‘golden rule’.

Captain Brown thought that the slaves are a deprived category, oppressed and mistreated by the affluent. His respect for colored and weakest in the system was part of his inspiration. This is reflected in Eric Forner’s book “Voices of Freedom”, which presents a documentary history. This book is a source of inspiration for all that follows in the quest. The chapter discussed the need for a revolutionist who would stand against the bad practices regardless of the factors that impede the progress. Despite the numerous forces that stood on a defensive front to counter the attacks made by brown and his men, Captain Brown did not despair. He made numerous attacks on their front. Even on his capture, he still held on his beliefs, and this in turn had some ripple anti-slavery effects even after his departure.

  • In Captain Brown’s interview, we can infer that freedom is a quest worth fighting for with determination. People should believe in their own values and those of fellow individuals, irrespective of color, faith or race, addressing them openly and with determination. All humans are subjected to similar treatment. The current American culture that springs on the foundations of unity and love was part of John Brown’s initiative project. The level of racial segregation or any form of racial prejudice is now a past vice due to his activism on appreciating the cultures and practices of different races. Throughout the history, the interview shows us freedom as a result of war. It was through such wars that America is now known as a free state.
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