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The article under reference by Blankenship describes the enchanting and lighter side of the story in “The Snow Gees” play. The play describes the story before starting of World War I how a family strives to survive and undergoes the financial and spiritual turmoil. It further describes that it was not only the story that made it eye-catching and emotional so as it touched the emotions of audience, but it was also the atmosphere, place, setting and area of theater.  In addition, the article under reference critically described that how the family was broken and how there bonds were suffering due to financial problems. The story manipulates the emotions of audience by the means of lightening using the light and dark concept. The writer of the article evaluates the combination of light and shadows that how director of play keeps the light low and makes the shadows bigger and prominent by filling them with emotions. Moreover, the audience is attracted due to low level of light and more exposure of character shadows to public. The placement of light, walls, place of characters and manipulation of shadows gives the deep insight to feelings of family. The light further enhances their darker shadows to amuse public with their cherishing foolishness. The story in play form also uses the curiosity factor by depicting the deaths and disturbing factors that are left behind by Elizabeth’s husband. In addition, the story has also utilized the heat factor in a slow manner by giving the impression of climax. One of the most heated scene as shown in play was the heated argument when family debates about the money. According to Weideman’s statements, he says that he is also not aware of the underlying facts regarding the contrasts and colors that might add crucial factors until they are learned after their discovery. 

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