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Help Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Company

How did your company get started?

We began as a small essay and paper writing service, serving students in high school and in undergraduate programs. Since that time, we have expanded to provide academic writing to students in any content area and at any study level. More recently, we have added business, professional career, and copywriting services.

What kinds of writing do you do?

The short answer to this question is everything! The longer answer is this – academic writing of any genre; resumes, CV’s, cover letters; admissions and scholarship essays; business reports, white papers, manuals, marketing materials; grant writing, business plans and proposals; all web-based design, copywriting, and marketing programs; editing and proofreading. 

How We Operate

How do I order writing that I want done?

The best and fastest way is to get on our site and look at the order form. If you understand everything, just fill in the fields and click “submit.” You will notice that we ask for a lot of detail. This is so we can turn it over to the best writer for the job. We also ask for some personal information because we may have to get in touch with you on quick notice.

Please contact our customer support desk if you do not understand anything about the order form, or if your order does not “fit” well into the form. Sometimes, clients have really complex tasks for us, and it is better that we have a conversation about them, so that we understand exactly what has to be done.

Note: The more information we have, the better, so please make sure you give us every detail!

Can I change my instructions if I have forgotten something?

Of course you can. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can call or email us. Or, if your writer has already started, you can message him/her directly through your account portal page. If you need to change your instructions, you will need to do so as quickly as possible. Once a writer has begun on your order, changes may mean that s/he has to revise what has already been done, and that could mean an extra charge to you.

What if I get my paper and I then want some changes?

No problem. Just tell us what you want changed, and your writer will get right on it. Most of the time, these revisions are free; sometimes, however, there is a charge, if they are different from your original order instructions. We have a Revisions Policy on our site – it’s a good idea to look it over.

Can I cancel an order and get my money back?

The short answer is yes, you can cancel an order at any time. But there are some policy guidelines in our “Money-Back” Policy. In short, if a writer has not already begun work on it, we can issue a full refund; if, however, work has begun, the refund will be pro-rated based on how much work has occurred. We try to be fair, but our writers need to be paid for what they do.

How are payments made?

We operate like any other online retailer. You place your order(s) in a shopping cart and then check out. You can use all the same payment methods that you use for any other online retailers. You will receive confirmation of your order and payment receipt via email. We use a payment processor with SSL certification, so your information is completely secure. 

Do you send me my paper by email attachment?

We have a great system in place for delivery. You have a personal account with your own page in our system. You use that account for lots of things, but when your product is ready, it is uploaded to your account page. Please, look it over, make sure it is what you want, and ask for changes at that time. You can also request that we email it to you – we’re flexible that way!

Typical Concerns About Using Our Services

A lot of online writing services are complete scams. How do I know you aren’t?

We have an address, a phone number, and live people on staff. We also have policies that guide all that we do. If you are truly concerned, you can always order a very short essay at a low price, and see how we do business. You will be very happy with the quality and with our service.

If I give you my name, email address and phone number, do your share it? I know lots of other online companies do.

Absolutely NOT! All personal information is encrypted on our site, and no other party will ever have access to it.

If I use my credit card, can you guarantee that it is safe?

Yes, we can. We never see your card information, because the minute you move into the checkout process, a third-party processor takes over – the same one used by all major American-based online retailers. You card information is as safe with us as it is with Amazon!

Can I count on your discretion so that my instructors don’t know I am using a writing service?

Again, we never reveal the names of our clients to anyone. No one will know unless you choose to tell them.

If I order writing from you, can I be guaranteed that you will not sell that writing to someone else?

Yes. Every order is one-of-a-kind. Once we send it off to a customer, we remove it from our system. No one can ever access it – it becomes your property.

Worries About Plagiarism

Is it plagiarism for me to buy a paper from you?

No. the writing you buy from us is create only for you, and ownership it turned over to you once you take possession. It belong to you – you cannot plagiarize your won writing!

What if my instructor accuses me of plagiarizing?

Well, that really cannot happen, because it’s already received a clean scan. You would need to ask your instructor for proof and then send that proof on to us for investigation. We have never had an instance of a plagiarism charge.

Question About Our Writers and Other Staff Members

Where do you get your writers from?

They come from all professions and backgrounds. Some have been freelance writers for a long time; some are recently retired instructors and professors; others are retired business professionals; some are recent grads who work in IT and copywriting fields and write for us on the side. Our method of selection is pretty rigorous, and no one comes on board without degrees, certifications, and writing backgrounds.

Do you hire foreign writers?

Many services do hire foreign writers because they are cheap labor. They are not, however, qualified. If we hire a non-native English speaking writer, that individual has been educated in an English-speaking university and is fully fluent.

Can I discuss my order with my writer?

Actually, we encourage you to do that. It’s silly to have second-hand communication going back and forth. The best way for there to be no mis-understandings is direct communication. You can talk to you writer anytime through your account portal.

Do you have a customer service department if I have a complaint?

Yes, and they are open 24/7. They do more than just respond to complaints, although they are pretty good at that. They answer questions, resolve issues, and just generally see to it that our experience is a good one.

Academic Services

Do you have writers for any kind of assignment?

Yes, we do. We are completely familiar with all of the types of assignments students at all levels will have, and we have the content field writers for them all.

I am working on my thesis. Can I get a Ph.D. to help me?

Yes, you can. Just tell us what kind of help you need and we will get you a Ph.D. field specialist.

Do you take on tough assignments? I have a math modeling project that is giving me fits.

Send it on over. We have an entire department of graduate-degreed mathematicians, any one of whom can help.

How soon can you have an order completed? I mean, if I need a paper in two days, can it be done?

Yes, we take on really urgent orders all the time. That’s the great thing about having so many qualified writers in all subject fields. Someone is always willing to forego sleep to get a project done!

Business Writing Services

Can you produce reports with appropriate graphics?

Yes, we do it all the time!

Can you organize and produce such things as employee and policy manuals?

Of course – we do it all the time! 

Copywriting Services for Web-Based Businesses

Do you have staff for website development?

We have an entire team of young, fresh designers who love to design – they are a creative bunch!

Can you develop content marketing programs and provide the necessary copy for them?

Content marketing is one of our newest expansions. We have marketing specialists and a host of creative writers who understand brand spreading, SEO, social media, etc. they do a phenomenal job.

Can you set up a blog and post to it regularly?

Yes, we do this for hundreds of clients already!

Other Career Needs

Do you have a resume service?

We have one of the best in the business. Our designers and writers work together to craft unique and captivating resumes and cover letters.

Do you have anyone familiar with CV production?

We have Ph.D.’s and HR's who create and edit CV’s on a daily basis. 

Can you create my LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts for me?

Absolutely. We’ll make your profile shine!

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