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Essay On Literature

April 24, 2015 - Posted toEssay Types

Writing Literature Essays – You may Not Know All of the Benefits!

Student collective groans about writing an essay on literature can be heard at high schools and on college campuses almost daily. They are one of the most common assignments, not just in English courses, but for a host of other classes a student may take.

Humanities Courses May Require Literature Essays

Suppose you are enrolled in a course on contemporary religions. You might be asked to read A. Hugerford’s, Postmodern Belief, a look at how religious beliefs and a pluralistic society can co-exist. Yes, this is a non-fiction work, but you may be asked to write an essay on his main thesis.

Maybe you are enrolled in an ethics course. You might be required to read John Grisham’s, The Rainmaker and analyze the ethical issues that are highlighted in this piece of fiction.

Political Science Courses May Require Literature Essays

Most secondary students read either Animal Farm or 1984 in an English class, and a common essay on literature in in high school may be related to the theme of human nature as developed by Orwell in either of these works. At the college level, however, these may easily be seen as political treatises on totalitarianism, and the literature essay will take on an entirely new flavor and sophistication.

You Cannot Escape Literature Essays

Accept it. Deal with it. You will be writing essays on literature a lot. So here are some tips that may help you as you try to produce them:

  • Read the piece. There’s a novel idea! While a lot of students try to get by with “Cliff’s Notes” or other online book reviews, they need to realize that everyone else is doing the same thing, and those essays will look suspiciously the same.
  • Use the library for literature essay research. Of course, that library can be online, but read what other respected reviewers have to say about the book you are studying.
  • Accept that no matter what literature course studies you may be taking, you will be reading works of famous classical authors. Fortunately, there is a lot of great source material to give you ideas, no matter what the specific essay assignment may be. Consider how many highly respected individuals have written characterizations of any of Shakespeare’s tragic heroes. You can gain a much broader perspective from reading these experts and maybe come up with some creative way to compare one of those tragic heroes to a public figure today.
  • Find something unique in the piece of literature that “speaks” to you and use it as the topic and theme of your essay. Having that emotional involvement with a work of literature will make your essay far more interesting.

So Many Benefits!

Writing literature essays makes you think and reflect no matter what types of books for which you may be asked to write an essay.

  • You are forced to think and to reflect on the themes and, in the case of fiction, characters. Authors are making important statements about issues, about human nature, about conflicts that are universal. Developing an understanding that themes cross all time barriers is an important life lesson. Will we always have conflicts and issues of ethics? Will we always face issues of security vs. freedom? Will we always confront actions of selfishness and altruism? Will we always have relationships with people that have the characteristics of famous literary ones? Of course we will!
  • Literature forces us to refine our own beliefs and principles. This is important as you move into adulthood and have to grapple with issues of the real world.
  • What if you are an aspiring writer yourself? One of the steps that every popular author recommends for how to become a great author and writer is to read profusely and then to write profusely. Every piece of literature you read and every essay on literature that you write provide you with a huge pool of ideas, themes, characters, plots, conflicts and settings. This pool is what you draw upon as you begin your own career work in writing!

When Your Groans Reach the Crisis Point

Not everyone is going to appreciate literature or the essay assignments that come with literature course assignments. You may be a computer science major who sees no value in Shakespeare; you may be a physics major who could not care less about the internal conflicts of Ahab in Moby Dick. At, we get that. If you have literature essays that you just cannot abide or complete on time, give us a “shout out.” We’ll find a perfect writer for you.

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